US-led coalition carries out 29 strikes near Iraq's Ramadi

Iraqi security forces and paramilitaries deploy, on May 26, 2015, in al-Nibaie area, north-west of Baghdad, during an operation aimed at cutting off Islamic State jihadists in Anbar provinceThe US-led international coalition carried out 29 air strikes against the Islamic State jihadist group near Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s western province of Anbar, the American military said Monday. “Near Ramadi, 29 air strikes struck 67 ISIL staging areas destroying two ISIL excavators, an ISIL armoured personnel carrier, and an ISIL vehicle,” the US statement said, using another acronym for IS. The strikes were conducted on Sunday, on the eve of a fresh ground operation launched by Iraqi forces to tighten the noose on IS in its bastions of Ramadi and Fallujah, Anbar’s two main cities.

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