US-led forces drop nearly 5,000 bombs on IS group

Smoke rises after a strike on the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane by the Kurds, on October 12, 2014US-led aircraft have dropped nearly 5,000 bombs in the air war against Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria, damaging or destroying more than 3,000 targets including tanks, the Pentagon said Wednesday. The latest figures released by the US military signal a steady expansion in the scale of the air campaign launched in August and also reveal an adversary with hundreds of armored and other sophisticated vehicles at its disposal. Since coalition air raids started in Iraq in August and in Syria in late September, US and allied aircraft have struck 58 tanks, 184 Humvee armored vehicles, 303 pickup trucks, 26 armored vehicles and 394 other vehicles, according to statistics from the Pentagon. It also remained unclear how many tanks or other vehicles the IS group still has in its arsenal after the air raids.

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