US not involved in Turkey coup attempt, 'full stop', envoy says

Turkish activists protest against the failed July 15 military coup attempt during a pro-democracy rally at Gundogdu Square in Izmir, on August 4, 2016The United States’ ambassador to Turkey has again said his country played no role in last month’s failed coup attempt, showing exasperation with persistent accusations to the contrary, local media reported on Saturday. “I just want to say again, as I’ve said before and as we’ve said from Washington, the United States government did not plan, direct, support or have any advance knowledge of any of the illegal activities that occurred the night of July 15 and into July 16. The July 15 military action blamed by Ankara on US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen has rattled Turkey’s relations with the United States, with Ankara warning Washington that ties will suffer if it fails to extradite Pennyslvania-based Gulen.

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