US parties flip-flop on experience in White House race

Republicans are facing the most seasoned woman in American politics, Hillary Clinton, in the race for the White HouseBack in 2008, a freshman senator named Barack Obama got savaged for his inexperience. Hillary Clinton’s decades-deep curriculum vitae — US first lady, senator, secretary of state — contrasts dramatically with three first-term Senate Republicans who have launched White House campaigns but have little national record to stand on. Obama survived a bruising party nomination battle with the more experienced Clinton to become the first sitting senator to win the White House in more than half a century, when voters embraced a young, fresh-faced politician peddling a message of hope and change over veteran Senator John McCain. With Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio borrowing a page out of Obama’s playbook, some Republicans who once hailed candidate McCain for his vast knowledge and experience are casting some 2016’ers as ambitious outsiders who could win the White House without Washington baggage.

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