US Supreme Court gives nod to assault weapons ban

The Supreme Court's justices refused to take up a challenge to a Chicago suburb's ban on the sale or possession of semi-automatic weapons or high-capacity magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunitionThe US Supreme Court appeared on Monday to back lawmakers who want to restrict the type of guns such as semi-automatic assault weapons used in recent mass shootings. “By rejecting this case, today the Supreme Court sided with a community that has taken action to protect itself from the type of violence we’ve seen in San Bernardino, on college campuses and in movie theaters,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Center and Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Just last week, a husband and wife who authorities say had been radicalized for “quite some time” cut down 14 people and wounded another 21 in San Bernardino, California using legally purchased semi-automatic rifles.

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