US, UN lead condemnation of 'deplorable' Tunis attack

A wounded person is evacuated on a stretcher from the site of an attack carried out by two gunmen at Tunis' famed Bardo Museum on March 18, 2015The United States and United Nations led a chorus of international outrage at Wednesday’s attack on a Tunis museum which left 19 people dead, most of them foreign tourists. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the “deplorable” attack on Tunisia’s national museum “in the strongest terms,” his deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said. Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen killed 17 tourists along with a policeman and a Tunisian citizen before themselves being killed in a police assault, Prime Minister Habib Essid said. US Secretary of State John Kerry in a statement echoed Ban’s condemnation and offered his condolences to the victims’ families.

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