Utah Political Bloggers to Watch List

Meet Bob — he’s one of many Utahns who actively blog on politics. Bob used his blog and social media to to help lead the effort to repeal HB477. Here’s his story:

We’ve mentioned on this blog before that Utah is home to a population that is highly active in social media – particularly on Facebook and Twitter. We have created a watch list of those we have found who are also active in the Utah political blogosphere. 

Here is a list of Utah political blogs. Did we find any you haven’t heard of? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section below. 

  • Connor’s Conundrums – Utah Libertarian Connor Boyack frequently contributes to this blog on Utah politics. He also covers religion, 
  • Holly on the Hill – Utah Republican Holly Richardson’s slogan is “Conservative Insight Into The Wild And Wacky World Of Politics.” Holy was a former state representative for Utah. 
  • J.M. Bell – This Democrat blogger mixes in politics in humor in his blog posts. He also is the guy behind the Left Show.
  • PoliticIt – We can’t forget ourselves. 🙂 We blog about social media and the data behind politics.
  • Publius Online – Writer Daniel Burton shares conservative insights on Utah’s political scene in this blog which is updated with new content two or more times per week.
  • Sutherland Daily – Socially conservative, fiscally conservative organization that publishes content regularly.
  • The World According to Me – Blog produced by Democrat Bob Aagard. He has been blogging since 2001.
  • Utah Amicus – Utah Democrat Rob Miller occasionally updates this blog with political happenings
  • Utah Data Points – This publication uses a lot of interesting polls it often conducts itself in its blog posts.  
  • Utah Policy – This publication has a dedicated editor in Bryan Schott and has both democrat and republican content contributors.
  • Utah Political Capitol – Their slogan is “Utah Political News, As It Happens.” 
  • Utah Senate Blog – This highly active blog gets daily updates during session and is regularily updated throughout the year. 
Sterling Morris, Co-Founder of PoliticIt, wrote this ranking
Sterling Morris

Sterling Morris is a co-founder at PoliticIt. Connect with PoliticIt on Twitter and Facebook.

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