Utah Republican Party Grass Roots Officials sign letter countering Salt Lake Tribune

Fourteen grass roots Utah Republican Party officials sign a letter countering the claim against Lisa Shepherd current Utah GOP State Secretary contained in a recent Salt Lake Tribune Article entitled Utah Republican Party interns sign letter calling party secretary ‘unfit’ for her office .  The article presents a letter “signed by eight individuals, three of whom are currently listed as party staff on the party website, who say Shepherd engaged in unprofessional behavior and contributed to a work environment that became hostile, tense, antagonistic and unhealthy when she was present.”  The letter by the grass roots officials questions the timing of its’ release just prior to the State Convention to be  libelous.  In the current letter the group claims that Shepherd fearing retaliation for her stands against the GOP chair on SB54 recorded all of her interactions at the state party offices.

Lisa Shepherd Character Letter by on Scribd

They reviewed much of the video of Shepherd interacting with the interns and claim there is nothing on these video recordings to substantiate the claims made against her.  They go on to say She was not “angry” or “hostile” as alleged and was as polite, professional and friendly as ever.  Upon review of the videos provided to us we found no such abhorrent behavior as claimed by the interns.

We obtained copies of the videos and blurred (in order to protect the identities of the interns) what we considered to be a relevant one given the claims in the intern letter and found nothing to substantiate the their claims.

There are many video and audio recordings available but due to limited time cannot be made available and protect the iterns identities.

After viewing the video you are free to make your own judgements and reach your own conclusions.  I will not speculate as to the motivations behind the student letter or those involved but we find the timing to be suspect.

You might ask yourself how a grassroots worker who refuses money from lobbyists and prefers small donations from delegates such as Shepherd can fight back to what appears to be a well orchestrated attack.

In the spirit of full disclosure I personally was intent on staying out of direct comments on any candidate until I read the initial Tribune article after which I offered to match every donation to Shepherd up to $1000.00.

I cannot in good conscience let the politics of personal destruction stand unchallenged.

I invite those involved to offer their side of the story or even an opportunity to retract their statements and explain why they made the allegations.  I will update the story.  I can be reached at john at politicit.com

Expect more well funded attacks at the state convention as always #followthemoney but they might beware of the fearless Jedi as the Empire Strikes.


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