Utah’s Race for Attorney General

John Swallow

PoliticIt crunched some numbers on Utah’s race for Attorney General featuring Republican Candidates Sean Reyes and John Swallow. This race is a virtual tie. If we were to call the race today, we would give a very slight edge to John Swallow.

Sean Reyes

It Score

The It Score has predicted the outcome of more than 90 races with 87% accuracy (CNBCYahoo! FinanceWall Street Journal’s Market Watch).  The It Score has been applied to the following states UtahWisconsinWest Virginia, North CarolinaIndianaNebraskaIdahoOregonKentucky, and Arkansas
  1. John Swallow | 50
  2. Sean Reyes | 50
  1. John Swallow | 1,218 views in the last 90 days
  2. Sean Reyes | 0 views in the last 90 days (No existing Wikipedia article). 
PoliticIt attempted to contact both campaigns for interviews. PoliticIt has been unable to schedule a time to interview John Swallow but caught up with Sean Reyes and his campaign last weekend. Here’s a video of the PoliticIt interview:

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  1. I agree that John Swallow will take the race, but your numbers are way off. John Swallow has 2 Facebook pages (1 has 2626 friends and the other has 1393). Where else are your numbers off?

    • Thanks for the feedback, Anita. PoliticIt uses each candidate’s official campaign social media accounts, exclusively, to compare politicians as these are the main accounts with which Politicians and political candidates use to communicate and share campaign-related information; it’s our way of comparing apples to apples. Although John Swallow may have multiple Facebook accounts including government, personal, and other accounts, his official campaign Facebook page that is linked to his website (www.JohnSwallow.com) has 432 fans.