Utah’s Top 50 Political Opinion Leaders on Twitter

Opinion leaders on Twitter in Utah
Utah State Capitol. Photo credit: Wikipedia
Utah’s legislative session is in full swing, and Utah’s Twitter scene has picked up in activity. Many of Utah’s traditional political opinion leaders have established a presence in social media on Twitter, while a few seem to be reluctant to join the conversation. We wanted to take a snapshot of who Utah’s most influential opinion leaders on Twitter currently are, and that’s what we did in this list. 

(Author’s Note: A very small minority of Utah’s biggest political opinion leaders are either not on Twitter or are surprisingly inactive on Twitter. These individuals were accordingly not included in the list.

In alphabetical order, here are Utah’s Top 50 Political Opinion Leaders on Twitter. They are all worth following if you want to stay current on Utah politics. 



Sterling Morris, Co-Founder of PoliticIt, wrote this ranking
Sterling Morris

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