Venezuela lets Maduro recall advance, with threats

Riot police clash with students from the public Central University of Venezuela demanding a referendum on removing President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas on June 9, 2016Facing mounting pressure from food shortages, looting and increasingly violent protests, Venezuelan authorities on Friday announced the next stage for a recall referendum against embattled President Nicolas Maduro. The decision by the National Electoral Board (CNE) to let the lengthy recall process move ahead also came with a warning from the board’s chief, Tibisay Lucena, who told Maduro’s opponents that any acts of violence would immediately halt the proceedings. After repeated opposition protests, Lucena finally announced the CNE would take fingerprint scans from June 20 to 24 to confirm the identity of people who signed the opposition’s referendum petition, submitted on May 2 with 1.8 million signatures.

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