Venezuela livid over US TV show depicting Maduro buying chem arms

Actors Sean Bean (L) and Ali Larter attend the 'Legends' series premiere at Tribeca Grand Screening Room in New York, on August 5, 2014Venezuela has opened a probe into a US television drama series that depicts President Nicolas Maduro as buying chemical weapons on the black market to put down anti-government protests. Fox 21, the producers of the TNT cable series “Legends,” apologized to the president, saying the series was just fiction and did not mean to imply it was reporting real events. Maduro’s government was in fact rocked by protests from February to May that left 43 people dead in several cities. Angry Venezuelans took to the streets to denounce rampant street crime, 60 percent yearly inflation, government corruption and shortages of basic goods in the oil-rich country.

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