Voters in Newark pick a new mayor after seven years of Booker

A supporter of Newark's mayoral candidate Baraka shouts slogans during mayoral elections in Newark, New JerseyNewark City Councilman Ras Baraka declared victory in the race for mayor of New Jersey’s largest city on Tuesday – the first citywide election since Cory Booker, Newark’s charismatic former mayor, stepped down to join the U.S. Senate. Baraka, 44, the son of the late activist and poet Amiri Baraka, will be tasked with steering Newark, about 12 miles from New York City, as it struggles with an uptick in violent crime, unemployment and a possible state takeover of its finances. Booker, who served for seven years as mayor and used his national profile to help draw billions of dollars in investment to Newark, is now a U.S. senator. He won a special election last October to succeed Senator Frank Lautenberg, who died in office.

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