Wary of Obamacare, some Republicans sign up anyway

Applications are seen at a rally held by supporters of the Affordable Care Act in Jackson, MississippiBy Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) – Julie Davis has every reason to be skeptical of Obamacare: She’s a Republican, her father is a physician who is wary of socialized medicine and her insurance was canceled because of new requirements imposed by the healthcare law this year. But the 44-year-old filmmaker says her decision to seek coverage under President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform was a practical one, made with little political angst but plenty of doubt over whether the program will really benefit her family. Davis’s choice underscores the disconnect between Washington politics – particularly the Republican Party’s push to kill Obama’s Affordable Care Act and portray the law as an ill-devised social program bound to fail – and the experiences of at least some rank-and-file party members who are finding practical reasons to sign up. The discrepancy may complicate GOP efforts to use voter dissatisfaction over Obamacare’s troubled launch to win control of the Senate in November.

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