Was the CBS Debate Fair? You Decide.

The PoliticIt Team watched the debate this evening and calculated the amount of time each candidate was allowed to speak during the debate.  Below you’ll find our results.

Here are the numbers:

Mitt Romney: 17 minutes and 25 seconds
Rick Perry: 14 minutes and 90 seconds
Newt Gingrich: 14 minutes and 88 seconds
Herman Cain: 13 minutes and 1 second
Rick Santorum: 12 minutes and 50 seconds
Michele Bachmann: 11 minutes and 35 seconds
Jon Huntsman: 9 minutes and 33 seconds
Ron Paul: 6 minutes and 23 seconds

For more data on the candidates please visit us at PoliticIt.

Disclaimer.  At PoliticIt we are human which means that we make mistakes.  Please allow a healthy deviation of 20 seconds for each candidate.  Email us if you have any concerns or further comments.  Thanks.

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