Welcome to Silly Season in Utah

Silly Season: The period lasting for a few months typified by the emergence of frivolous news stories in the media.

Beware of Silly Season Slanders

Newspaper Owners make money by selling newspapers.  Nice puppy-dog stories do not sell newspapers.  Juicy, trashy stories sell newspapers.

Candidates running an election against another viable candidate need to find ways to beat their opponent.  Some candidates keep their races clean, but other candidates play dirty.

These candidates who like to play dirty are often favored by the newspapers (and other media outlets) because they will help create the juicy stories that the newspapers need to stay alive.   The candidates don’t usually do their own dirty work, but instead recruit others to do it for them.  They will look for big flaws in their opponent and expose them to the news media.  If they can’t find big enough flaws, then they have to find anything they can and twist it into something that will cause voter outrage against their opponent.  And, if neither candidate plays dirty, the news reporters have to do the dirty job themselves.

I heard he's a...

I heard he’s a…

The news media is not required to tell the truth, so they take these twisted stories and make “news” out of them.  If they get enough people to take the bait of the “news” story, then they keep printing different variations of it to keep people outraged.  The candidate’s campaign (or their opponent’s enemies) will jump on the band wagon and send in letters to the editor to perpetuate the twisted stories so more people will believe them.

Some of these created stories are so far fetched that it is mind boggling that anyone would believe them.  Often you will end up with accusations against candidates claiming that they are racist, because they disagree with someone of a different race.  Or, they are sexist if they disagree with someone of the opposite sex.  Readers who do not know the candidate or the real situation can often be sucked into these false accusations.

People like the underdog, so creating a situation where one candidate appears to be the underdog (even if they are not) can endear them to voters.  David vs. Goliath stories sell newspapers, so the media loves to help create this misrepresentation.  More often than not, if you did the research yourself, you would find that the media is portraying David as Goliath and vice versa.

Silly Season Starting Early

In some parts of Utah, Silly Season is starting early this year.  If you open your eyes and pay close attention you will see through the propaganda.  If you don’t, you will get sucked in by it and become angry at someone–just because the news said they are the bad guy.

Please do your own research and find out what the truth really is!  Please don’t perpetuate the Silly Season Slanders!

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