White House: Yanukovych not actively Ukraine head

FILE - this July 21, 2009 file photo shows Vice President Joe Biden meeting with Viktor Yanukovych, the then-Moscow-backed presidential candidate in Kiev, Ukraine. In the hours before he fled Ukraine's capital, Yanukovych huddled on the phone with Biden, a longtime associate and close contact throughout the political crisis that gripped the former Soviet republic. Biden and Yanukovych held nine lengthy phone calls during the crisis, building up a level of trust the US officials say was crucial to getting the Ukraine leader to sign an agreement that way for a fragile peace.(AP Photo/Sergei Chuzavkov, File)WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration signaled Monday it no longer recognizes Viktor Yanukovych as Ukraine’s president. The shift of support for opposition leaders in Kiev came even as U.S. officials sought to assure Russia that it does not have to be shut out of a future relationship with a new Ukrainian government.

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