Who Are the Syrian White Helmets, Winners of the 'Alternative Nobel'?

Who Are the Syrian White Helmets, Winners of the 'Alternative Nobel'?In the chaos and fog of a brutal conflict that has claimed an estimated 400,000 to 500,000 lives, a ragtag group of former bakers, tailors, salespeople, teachers, pharmacists, painters, carpenters and students has emerged as real-life heroes, providing a glimmer of hope in Syria’s brutal five-year-old civil war. The Syria Civil Defense group, otherwise known as the White Helmets, get their inspiration from an oft-quoted verse of the Quran: “to save a life is to save all of humanity.” So far, the group of about 3,000 White Helmets have performed that feat some 60,000 times, often working in perilous conditions surrounded by violent conflict. On Thursday, the group won the Right Livelihood Award, often described as the “Alternative Nobel.” The group has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize, with the support of over 133 organizations worldwide so far.

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