Who won the 2nd Presidential Debate with Romney and Obama?

Who won tonight’s 2nd presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Here are some interesting facts we gathered during and following tonight’s show:

  1. Obama increased his It Score from 48.61 by 0.42 to 49.03 indicating he won the debate. (During the first debate, Obama’s It Score fell by 1.9 points indicating he lost the first debate.)
  2. Romney decreased his It Score 40.84 by 0.33 to 40.51 indicating he lost the debate. (During the first debate, Romney’s It Score raised by 0.2 points indicating he won the first debate.)
  3. 68% more tweets said “Obama won” than “Romney won” following the end of tonight’s debate.
  4. An estimated 7.2 million tweets were sent during the presidential debate
  5. The most active portion of tonights debate saw approximately 110,000 tweets per minute during Mitt Romney’s response to the immigration question.

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