Who Won the Final Debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney clashed last night during their third and final debate.  Who won?  Let’s take a look at the It Scores:

10/21/2012 (the day before the debate)

Barack Obama: 48.54

Mitt Romney:    42.34

These It Scores show that Obama is leading by 6.19 going into the debate.

During the debate changes:

Barack Obama: + 0.3

Mitt Romney:    – 0.09

These It Scores indicate that Obama slightly gained over Romney during the debate.

10/22/2012 (after the debate)

Barack Obama: 46.83

Mitt Romney:    43.37

These It Scores show that Romney gained 1.02 points after the debate while Obama fell -1.7.  Even though Obama seemed to marginally win during the debate last night…Romney made leaps and bounds after the debate ended.  This indicates that Romney ultimately won last night’s debate.

Josh Light is the CEO of PoliticIt

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