Who Won the Fox News Iowa Debate? Twitter and Intrade Users Decide…

Debate winners are selected by combining the Twitter and Intrade Score. 1st place receives 6 points, 2nd place receives 5 points, 3rd place receives 4 points, 4th place receives 3 points, 5th place receives 2 points, and 6th place receives 1 point.

Twitter Score:
The Twitter Score is calculated by subtracting the number of negative tweets from the number of positive tweets about a politician. This determines if the overall chatter on Twitter was negative or positive. Some candidates have more hashtags or @tags relative to others due to volume issues. For instance, if there is isn’t enough people using a hashtag our software will not be able to produce data regarding it.
Intrade is a website where people can bet real money towards the probability of a politician achieving some event. The event that we tracked was the probability of an individual GOP candidate winning the GOP nomination. If a representative’s price declines during the debate then that means individuals who are betting on Intrade believe that the politician is less likely to win the GOP nomination.
For more objective data regarding the 2012 presidential candidates please visit us at www.PoliticIt.com.

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