Who Won The Thanksgiving Family Forum Debate????

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Score Twitter Score Intrade Score
Herman Cain 11 4.2 7%
Newt Gingrich 10 3.2 9%
Ron Paul 9 3.4 0%
Michele Bachmann 9 3.4 0%
Rick Perry 8 3.4 -10%
Rick Santorum 7 0.5 0%

Twitter Score:

The Twitter Score is calculated by subtracting the number of negative tweets from the number of positive tweets about a politician. This determines if the overall chatter on Twitter was negative or positive.
Intrade is a website where people can bet real money towards the probability of a politician achieving some event. The event that we tracked was the probability of an individual GOP candidate winning the GOP nomination. If a representative’s price declines during the debate then that means individuals who are betting on Intrade believe that the politician is less likely to win the GOP nomination.

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