World shares blame for Syria's worst year: rights groups

Smoke billows from the scene of a reported barrel bomb attack by Syrian government forces on March 5, 2015 on the Qadi Askar rebel-held district of the northern Syrian city of AleppoThe international community shares responsibility for the worst year yet for civilians in Syria’s conflict and has failed to tackle a growing humanitarian disaster, rights groups said Thursday. In a report entitled “Failing Syria”, 21 human rights organisations criticised world powers for not implementing a series of UN Security Council resolutions on the crisis. Three resolutions adopted in 2014 urged armed actors in Syria to protect non-combatants and aimed to secure greater access to humanitarian aid for millions of Syrians. “This is a betrayal of our ideals, because we’re not supposed to be watching people suffer and die in 2015,” said Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, which contributed to the report.

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