Yemen Shiites stage Sanaa mass demo as crisis talks held

Armed Huthi rebels gather during a demonstration organized by the Shiite movement to demand the government to resign on August 22, 2014, in the northern town of Hamdan on the outskirts of the capital SanaaTens of thousands of supporters of Yemen’s Shiite rebels rallied Friday in Sanaa pressing the government to quit as a presidential team held crisis talks in their stronghold to end the impasse. After the rally, a group of Zaidi rebels began erecting an encampment on a road in northern Sanaa that leads to the airport and where the interior, communication and electricity ministries are located, an AFP reporter said. Authorities in Sanaa have long accused Shiite-dominated Iran of backing the Zaidi rebellion. Thousands of armed Shiite rebels, also known as Ansarullah or Huthis, have strengthened their positions around Sanaa as they press their campaign against the government.

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